Welcome... you are now in the zone.
Whether being in the zone is a good or bad thing is really the question. The name of the website says it all : "Isolated Homestead." I started thinking about the zone when I read a New York Times article about depresssion in rural America a small town in the zone. Being in the zone also refers to a state of mind and not a physical state.

Be forewarned that I have a degree in psychology, so I think about such things. My focus is not about the extreme consequences of living in isolation. It is more about the loneliness and depression caused by it. My name is Robert and I think about such things. Am I a zoner? Let us just say I live on the edge.
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So who am I? Tall, thin-to-average build (try to go to the gym a few times a week), a full head of gray hair, older, good-looking, dress well (also look like a bum on the weekends), don't smoke or use illegal drugs, no transmittal diseases (unless you count humor). I tend to communicate in stories since it's the most effective form of communication. I am semi-retired and do consulting for personal satisfaction.
  I am politically independent, but not apolitical. In other words, I vote for people and not parties. I read the New York Times daily, but don't always agree with their political agenda. On the other hand, I don't read the Wall Street Journal or watch Fox News because I can't stand Rupert Murdoch's or Roger Ailes ideology. Which of course means I didn't vote for Donald Trump.
  I am born a polymath, who pursued a doctorate degree in psychology, and late in life became a reluctant, but Registered Metaphysician™. So I am over-educated, but not an academic. I don't psychoanalyze people. I have found that my first impressions are half wrong. However, I am good at mentoring and counseling.
  So what and who am I looking for? Ideally a relationship, but I realize there is no perfect relationship. I am looking for a woman who is feminine, intellectually curious (not necessarily intellectually academic) and privately submissive (no S&M, but a few shades of grey
  Height, ethnicity, sanity and body art are irrelevant. It is more a matter of chemistry. If you are average, height-weight-proportional or thin, then that works. I have always been attracted to good-looking women. Not that it was ever a good choice on my part. But beauty is a very indefinable characteristic.

The Isolated Homestead: A State of Mind